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Looking to place a your own Fat personals advert and really nor sure where to start or what to say? In that case we can help as over the years we've seen thousands of bbw personals and adverts placed by larger females and think in fact KNOW we have a pretty good job at whats needed to get some attention

Joining a BBW personals website to meet with fat admirers or members that just prefer there women larger is the easy part, after all all you have to do is click the join button, but the hard comers from making someone first look at your BBW personals advert second want to contact you and this where some people go wrong and make some glaring obvious mistakes

SELL yourself!

As a member we give you all the tools to first get contacts wanting to look at your profile second your chance to sell yourself to members, but if you don't put the effort in members won't contact you and move onto someone else's profile

Posted below are some tips on placing a great fat personals advert that will make members wanting to contact you and hopefully get the eng result thats some GREAT sex, after all lets be honest thats the reason you joined the site

By following these tips YOU will get contacts from your personals advert

  • Profile Name - consider a name that is easy remember otherwise you could forget it or members seeing your details within the chatroom / forum will forget your name as well
  • Heading - use a heading that describes what your after and your location as this will help as the first thing people see when searching profiles is your heading so something like " Portsmouth BBW single women for NSA sex" this tells members where your from and what your looking for
  • Description - you have unlimited space to tell members as much as you want about yourself so use it! - If you just post up a couple of lines then you can't expect much back from members that contact you other than " wanna fuck" but if you tell members what your likes and what your after then members will respond with a far more detailed reply to your bbw personals advert
  • Photos - Its a fact profile with photos get a much better response than ones without so even if you've just got some crappy photos post them as something is better than nothing. Members that don't post photos more often than not are viewed as not being serious about meeting up

In lastly GET INOVLED! - we have forums, blogs and chatroom's where members can talk with others and this will not only get your profile out and about but will show members your keen to meet

By following these basic tips not only will stand a much greater chance of other reading your BBW personals advert you'll enjoy the site a lot more and meet with new contacts and hopefully GREAT Sex .

Sign up and make your fat contacts now!


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