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BBW Schoolgirl?! When I say school girl I obviously mean a woman dressed as a schoolgirl and this BBW story was sent by a Hampshire fat contact from Gosport - I used to live in Gosport & I can tell you it's a dead place, although from recent blogging websites I've been reading it seems dogging has at last come to Hampshire or more so to Gosport down at Stokes bay.

So it's hot fat girls from Hampshire you're after? Well that's one thing we have in abundance! Not that I'm saying all fat contacts come from Hampshire but having recently searched out some fat profiles I really did have a massive choice of members photos to post here and the Hampshire members photos posted here are genuine Hants swingers contacts and unlike other swingers sites we don't use fake photos, although the photos used here have been cropped to protect the member's IDs:

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As a BBW I've always had a kink for dressing slutty..........

I'm a big girl and love it !! and fortunately for me their seems to be no shortage of guys or contacts that enjoy fat girl sex but recently after a trip to Amsterdam I returned from a fetish show with a very sexy little school girl outfit

After returning home I was rampant for a fucking and wanted to show of my new clothing so looked around the internet and found a site and joined up, and after reading several profiles had an idea what I wanted to say and the types of guys I was looking for - what do you think?

  • Sharongospbbw - hot'n'horny bbw from Gosport looking for local ONLY contacts as I can't drive so if your not local you'll need to be prepared to travel to me. I'm 26 single and BIG in every way so if your looking for a skinny bird don't contact me. I'm looking for dominant males that want to spank a bad girl. I have various outfits but looking to try out my schoolgirl or kinky secretary look. Contact me soon

It didn't take long before contact messages were coming in and Jon from Southampton sounded right up my street especially when he said from looking at my photos I looked like a bad girl that needed a spanking ! - oh yes please Sir.............. so arranged for him to come round

I started getting ready early and likewise started drinking as well and by the time Jon got round really was quite tipsy which I supposed helped me act like the spoilt schoolgirl & him punish me. Jon tuned up bang on time and I was already for him with little white socks, black mini skirt and white blouse with white knickers, in fact the perfect bbw schoolgirl look

He walked in and as we'd already agreed that I would be wearing a schoolgirl outfit agreed what would happen, so Jon walked in and sat down in the front room and I walked in and looking at him he played the role of a school teacher that had caught me drinking and he star4ted off by asking where I'd got the drink from then told me that I was going to be pushed

Making me touch me toes he pulled my skirt up showing off my white knickers and it wasn't long before my fat bum got its first smack from his hand that really stung! then another and I really couldn't get over howe hard he was spanking my bum! but it was also incredibly horny feeling his hand hit my arse and knowing that my bum would have hand prints all over it

This went on for sometime then I heard him unzipping his trousers and pulling my white knickers to one side pushed his cock straight into me, but as by now I was soaking wet his dick slid in with little effort and he proceeded to fuck me hard holding onto my black mini skirt and pushing deep into me

It didn't take long before we both to came and sitting back onto the sofa we chatted and Jon asked if that was OK and he wasn't spanking me too hard which I said no it was fine, we chatted a little long then he left and arranged another day to meet although this time he wants me to dress tarty and meet him at one of the dogging places he knows in Gosport ........should be fun

Lov Sharon

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29 yr big lady after local meets with horny gents, whilst I'm looking for contacts I'm not going to fuck anyone so drop me a line with photo and lets chat
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curvy bi swinger looking for couples for threesomes. I'm 26 single at last (shit marriage) so now want to play so looking for couples only. I'm a big girl (see pics) and I'm only looking for similar contacts
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Plus size bisexual fat girl looking for females for girl on girl fun. I'm bi in fact right now more into women than men so looking for contacts. I don't mind travelling for the right contact as I travel around the UK with my work so can meet & share a hotel room or your house
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