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arrrrr Nottinghamshire the home of fat swingers! now you may ask why I say that well having spent some time around Notts I know theirs more BBW Swingers per mile there than any other place in the UK, which least from my viewpoint makes it top of my "must visit" again list

This story was sent in my one of our bbw cuckold members thats lives in Mansfield and she tells about a recent dogging experience where her husband watches her getting fucked by a 12" cock ! now personally the idea of a guy having a 12" cock makes me think this is wishfully thinking by this Nottinghamshire BBW but she assures me his cock was every bit 12".

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I always wanted my husband to watch me getting fucked..........

My husband and I have been swingers for some years and have meet up with some pretty good contacts around our home town of Mansfield in notts and as I'm a rather large wife didn't know if that would put members off but it was really the other way round and we soon found loads of guys wanting to meet so my hubby pretty soon became a cuckold

But one thing I'd never had was a MASSIVE cock and I don't mean some 7 or 8" job I wanted something over 10" and even better something that would give me a real good anal fucking as I love to feel the burn of a fat cock pumping my ass and whilst I've got a load of toys you just can't beat the real deal, then a friend told me about this dogging guy she'd meet at one of the better Mansfield dogging locations and afterwards knew I had to had him

I told my hubby and needless to say he was more than up to see my take a fucking from something that size, so my friend told me he normally was going Wednesday nights so dressed in my best "fuck me" outfit drove to see if we could find him. We drove into the car park and saw his car parked so we got out and walked into the bushes only hoping he would follow and shortly afterwards he did

I was wearing a red mini and holdups with high heeled boots and looked about as good as it comes and as it was my intention to get fucked knew knickers was something I wouldn't be needing, he walked over and I introduced him to my husband but then told him " I was the one getting fucked" after all I didn't want him to think I wanted to watch my hubby getting fucked and with that walked over to him and undid his belt

I knelt down in front of him and as I pulled his jeans off his massive cock was free and stiffening in front of me and already was biggest thing I'd seen in real life and it still wasn't hard! and it was pretty easily the size of my forearm and doing my best I really struggled to get his cock into my mouth, but eventually I did although is was more a suck job than a blow job and their was no way he was going to push that thing down my throat!!

Looking down at me he asked if I wanted fucking and with that pulled out some lube and started to put some onto his cock and it was then that I told him I wanted anal sex! and with put a load of lube onto my fingers and pushed it between my cheeks and started fingering my arse and pushing lube inside me

I then bent over this bench and could see my cuckold taking photos over the others side and with that got my hands onto my arse and pulled myself wide open as I felt his cock up against my anal hole and felt him as he eased it inside, going slow at first but then being surprised how well his cock slipped in I then pushed back against him and my arse soon took all his massive cock deep inside

He then started to move in and out and it was then that I felt the power of this guys cock or at least the size as my bum anal hole soon became red hot as he started fucking me harder and harder, by this time I was now also pushing back against him which made him fuck me harder

As I looked around I then saw some other guys standing around and they were wanking off and as he fucked me I came and it was shortly afterwards he came inside me as well, pulling his dick from me it felt as though it took ages to fully pull from my arse and when it did my husband got a photo showing me gaping wide open and cum dripping from my arse and putting his jeans back on we chatted for a while then moved on

It took my arse a good 3/4 days to setting back and for a while I really couldn't walk probably but the nice thing was every time I sat down or walked along I had a found memory of that 10" getting pushed fully inside me

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