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The idea of having a MMF threesome is the fantasy of lot of swingers and but combine that the a bi male and you get an interesting West Midlands threesome on the cards, assuming of course both males are bisexual and the fat wife wants to watch her husband with another man!!

When you talk to members about threesome meets most assume its only ever ffm threesomes! but thats not the case as more men express an interest in trying some type of bi male meets and what better way than combining that a threeway fuck!

Whilst its the fantasy of many bimales for a MMF threeway ask ANY fat wife if she wants to watch her husband sucking a guys cock and you can be pretty sure she'll be up for a meet, so read this recently submitted story from a Bimale from the West Midlands

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I joined this site to find one thing a horny couple with a bimale for some MMF threesome and FUCK did I find a horny couple ..........

I live in Birmingham and have been a very bi curious male for sometime in fact recently even tried a Birmingham dogging location in the effort to meet with a another guy, but TBH once I got there i just didn't have the bottle to do anything so drove away, so I had to find some other way and as I love the more fuller figured women thought I'd combine my love for fat women and hopefully find a couple with a bimale .............I did both !

After some emails and chats over the phone the couple invited mt round to there's and getting round we sat back in the front room and started having some drinks, Sarah ( the wife) was sat directly opposite me and was everything a fat admirer could ask for and at a guess easily a size 20 and her husband (Paul) was a slim guy that wasn't really to dissimilar to myself in looks and build

The way that Sarah was sat I was able to see up her skirt and just past her stocking tops and was sure she wasn't wearing any knickers which was making my cock bulge hard against my jeans, thankfully that didn't last for long. They have described themselves as both bisexual with the wife for once being the more bi curious but the hubby was 100% sure about his sexual and in his words loved sucking cock and much as sucking his wife's clit!

It didn't take long before sex was brought up and our likes / dislikes and it was then that Sarah moved over next to me and started rubbing my cock through my jeans giving my cock a good fondle and then suggested I give her cunt a lick! for that I didn't need to be asked twice as I got between her fat massive thighs and licked her pussy for all it was worth

Whilst licking her pussy I heard Paul move and could feel his hands on my trousers so standing up he pulled my jeans off and we then all stripped off and Sarah told me to lay on the floor and she turned around and laid next to me but with her head ready to give me a blow job and changed to a sort of 69 position with Sarah lying along side me

I carried on licking her pussy and she sucked my cock in her mouth but it was when I felt an extra set of hands that I knew Paul was down there as well and laying behind me and it was then that she pulled my cock from her mouth and paul slipped my dick into his mouth and he carried on sucking me

Sarah was now laying on her back and I was licking her fanny and knew she was soon going to cum but it was when Paul suggest I fucked her that I turned around and slipped my cock deep into her wet fat pussy and start fucking, looking over towards paul I could see him wanking off and smiling at him told him to move towards me and without hesitation moved towards me and I started sucking him off

Sucking on his cock and fucking his wife at the same time I knew this would result in one thing alone that would be be cumming and FAST so I sucked him for all I was worth and thankfully we both came at the same time although the shock of him cumming inside my mouth did make me gag a bit as his cum shot down my though and I knew that my cum was going deep inside his wife's pussy

We all sat back on the floor and carried on drinking, but it was when I looked over to paul's hard cock again that I wanted to start sucking him off and his wife was more than happy just to watch her husband getting his cock sucked by another guy!

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sexy couple just moved back to good old dudley after some years living in Spain and yes I know we are mad but work brought us home. Whilst living in spain we got into the swinging scene and really loved it so have returned back looking to meet with other West midlands swingers and members that enjoy the larger women
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